Dissemination Research

The dissemination research of our project included four components: A design guidebook, a professionally produced video providing a project overview, a continuing-educational unit course based on the project, and a list of venues where the project has been presented.

A Design Guidebook informs professionals, consumers, and consumer advocates of ways to implement and renovate certain design innovations that enhance accessibility in older U.S. public housing and other low-cost residences. It is intended for use by professionals at all levels. The guidebook will most successfully be used to inform interested entities of an existing housing problem in the U.S. and a set of proposed solutions to enhance resident accessibility in a manner that is both cost effective and attractive. The design guidebook is organized as follows:

  • Problem and Challenge identification of an actual interior area layout.
  • Interior area redesign, including programmatic requirements for guidance, graphic highlights of the redesign, exploded views and item schedules (i.e., for take-offs, cost analyses, etc.).
  • The Appendix illustrates a few examples of items reviewed early in this project as we were formulating ideas for how to incorporate efficiencies into our redesigns. 

Download our Design Guidebook

A Professionally Produced Video presents a Project Re-Envision research overview and will lead viewers to explore the Design Guidebook for specifics about the process of repurposing existing living spaces. The video will be used in a variety of viewing situations including conferences, showcases and tradeshows. Intended audiences include legislators, occupational therapists, builders, contractors, developers, and advocacy groups. Estimated length of the video presentation is five minutes.

A Continuing-education Unit Course is provided so professionals can obtain required credits in their field by viewing an online course and answering questions about the course such that they are able to demonstrate a specific level of proficiency in this subject matter. Alternatively, those not requiring course credit may view the material to simply learn about the subject matter.
A list of Venues where the Project has been presented is provided to document the types of audiences that have been briefed about this project during the course of its development.
  • Struckmeyer, L. & Ellison, C. (2019). Perspectives on Home Modifications and the Utility of Repurposing. Florida Occupational Therapy Association Conference, November 17, 2019, Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Cantrell, R. (May 2020). The University of Florida IFAS (Cooperative) Extension Symposium.
  • Cantrell, R. (Feb. 2021). The Sunrise Rotary Club of Gainesville, Florida.
  • Cantrell, R. (May 2021) Panel-member Invitation (accepted) to The University of Florida IFAS (Cooperative) Extension Symposium.

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