For the next phase, the team will leverage the already-developed fully interactive immersive visualization system that leverages VR technology and enable participants to experience via haptic interactions inside the virtual environment of the proposed design innovations. This enables them to navigate and interact with the design elements as they would with the real world and give a better feedback about their experience. As stated earlier, owing to social distancing and safety related issues, this system was not used in the project.

This system has three major hardware components:

  1. VR System: The project uses a HTC Vive system that has a head mounted display, base stations and trackers. HTC Vive is 6 DoF VR system that enables the user to navigate and visualize the virtual environment.
  2. CyberGlove: The CyberGlove CyberTouch is a sensor-based glove that tracks the actions of the participants and synchronizes it with a virtual glove that the participant can use to interact with the virtual objects.
  3.  XSens: XSens motion tracking system collects the movements of the participant during the experiment and is used to analyze the effectiveness of the design proposals.
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